Sunday, May 13, 2012


Lydia in the caboose

Malachi in the caboose.  You can see Kim's foot, which is where we sat on the first part of the train ride.  Malachi and Elijah went down after a while, which is why you can see Malachi below in this picture.

Elijah in the caboose

This is the train we rode.  The first caboose you see is the one we rode in.  We sat looking out of those top windows from our awesome seats!
We took a little trip this weekend, and went camping.  We met my in-laws and had a great time!  Metamora is a cute little historic town.  We rode the local train and also the canal boat.  Here are the kids on the boat:

That is the boat in the background.

We also petted the horses that pulled the boat down the canal and walked around the shops.  Then, when everyone was done with the town, we headed to the camp site.  The kids had a blast playing in the creek behind our campsite.

Nathaniel caught a crawdad to show the kids.

There were horses next door that we looked at.

The campground was a great choice for us.  My inlaws stayed in a nearby hotel, and we met them there the next morning to swim in their pool, so it worked out well all the way around.  It was a busy weekend, and we all are pretty tired now. 

When we came home, I sewed the buttons on Elijah's shirt, and it is now finished:

Happy Mother's Day, especially to my incredible mom! 

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