Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Nightcap

No, not that kind of nightcap. 

A while back, Mamaw gave me some knit fabric.  I realized that Malachi is low on pajamas and decided to make him a pair out of this fabric, but it really wasn't quite enough for both the top and shorts.  I told Malachi what I was attempting, and he said he wanted a nightcap.
A what?

I don't even know where he heard of a nightcap, unless it was in The Night Before Christmas, and it's been a long time since Christmas.  Anyway, I recounted that I only had a little of this fabric, but maybe I could make him a nightcap later.  He said, "Just make me the shorts and a nightcap."  He was pretty determined that this fabric was perfect for his cap, so I did what he asked.
It actually looks quite a bit like a wizard's cap, which he loves.  He wore it all day today and plans to sleep in it tonight.  Now the other two want nightcaps, too. 


  1. I love this! What a cool idea! Go Malachi! and go mom!

  2. Thanks! Now I have to come up with some more knit fabric for the other two!