Sunday, September 16, 2012

Getting Better

It's been a long week.  Elijah was sick for the first half, and Lydia for the second.  It's not a horrible illness (I generally call horrible illnesses the ones that make you throw up or feel like you're gonna die), but it does last and exhaust.  So I'm pretty tired of everyone else being sick and tired.  But now things are improving.  Lydia is feeling better and getting back some energy.  Nathaniel took the boys camping yesterday, so Lydia and I just relaxed and cuddled a lot.  She slept good for the first time in days, so now she has her usual smile again:

In other news, I canned some salsa today.  I did cheat, though.  I didn't have enough tomatoes to make a batch, so I supplemented my tomatoes with canned tomato puree.  It made a really thick salsa, but it does taste good.

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