Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I know by now you all know that we have been planning on adopting for years.  We have just started the process, but I wanted to let you know that I can't be posting much on the blog.  We aren't allowed to post which country we are considering, or any "identifying information" of the child when we do get a referral.  I can say that we are just at the start of a very long process.  It looks like it will be about 2 years before we have the child in our home.  It will definitely be more than 1 year from now, as that seems to be the minimum to get all the paperwork and traveling in order.  We are open to a boy or a girl, and we're looking at an age range of about 1-4 years.  We talked with the kids about it last night, and they are pretty excited.  Elijah wants us to adopt a boy and a girl.  Malachi wants a boy.  Lydia goes between wanting a sister and wanting a little brother.  (We think she wants a brother she can boss around!)

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