Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I haven't mentioned the chickens lately.  Things have been going pretty well with them, until yesterday.  The boys had put the chickens up the night before, but they obviously didn't count them, and they left Squatch out.  Lydia and I found her dead in the third yard yesterday morning.  Something ate her, but in this cold, she would have probably died regardless without the protection of the coop.  She was our last barred rock hen, and my favorite.  We had a talk about responsibility.

In the spring, Nathaniel and I are planning on buying new chicks.  We want more barred rocks, and possibly some Buff Orpingtons or a more broody type.  We are down to just 2 hens (Leaf and Crest) and Puff the rooster now.  Puff may (probably) end up as dinner in the spring, but for now he's allowed to live since we just have so few chickens.  On the plus side, Crest lays an egg every single day, and Leaf lays about 5 a week, so we are still going to get about a dozen eggs a week.

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