Saturday, January 5, 2013

Kitchen Floors

I forgot to tell you about the kitchen floors.  Nathaniel and I finished them over the end of the break, and they look fabulous.  They really brighten up my kitchen, and I love them.

 I love, love, love my hardwood floors!  And here is a shot of Katie.  Her eye looks so much better than it did.  She can't see out of it, of course, and it probably will never look "normal," but it does look much better.

Now, the only room we need to lay hardwood in is our bedroom and closet.  First, though, we're going to patch and paint the walls.  And we're not all done with the kitchen; after our bedroom is done, we're going to install our butcher block counter tops.  They have been in the garage for months (along with the flooring), but we still have to cut and seal them and let them sit for a while before installing.  And eventually, we will have to re-tile the fireplace in the living room, but that's going to be even further down the line.  

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