Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A pick-me-up

 Lydia has croup.  And an ear infection.  We went to the doctor this morning, and they gave her some steroids so hopefully tonight will be a bit better, but it could be a while before she's all better.  Needless to say, sleep has been minimal, and Lydia is quite clingy, so I'm not getting a whole lot done.  And, of course, Nathaniel is in Dubai.

But he sent me a pick-me-up today: cut flowers.  We have a great local flower place that will sell him lots of cut flowers cheaper than most places sell vases full.  Today I had enough to fill 2 of my  vases, so there are bouquets in the living room and kitchen.

It's just a reminder that life is good, even when it kinda sucks.

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