Thursday, February 21, 2013

My room

Well, we've finished hardwood flooring throughout the upstairs except for our bedroom.  We plan on working on that soon, but first we wanted to paint the walls, which meant that the wallpaper border had to be taken off.  So this is what I did yesterday.

These pictures are in-process.  I did get it all scraped off, it just took basically all day.  My hand was really sore last night, so I thought today I might not be able to use it much, but it has surprised me.  It's actually almost normal today.  (I have a lot of issues with my right hand, due to a little mishap with luggage in the baggage claim area about 12 years ago - causing nerve damage - plus about 15 years worth of carpal tunnel in both wrists.  So sometimes it just doesn't work right, or hurts.)    I'm thrilled that it's in pretty good shape today, because I'm helping coach 11-14-year-old girls in volleyball tonight!  I was asked to help out with a Y clinic that will be once a week for 8 weeks.  It falls on Thursday nights, which is perfect because we don't have church, boyscouts, etc, so Nathaniel can just keep the kids home and put them to bed on time.  Fun stuff.

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