Thursday, February 14, 2013


As many of you know, Nathaniel is deathly allergic to penicillin.  Both boys have shown allergic reactions to it, too, but Lydia had never tried any of the "cillin" drugs until this week, for an ear infection.  And the verdict:

 My poor baby is covered from head to toe in an itchy, bright red rash.  She keeps saying she has "chicken pops".  I think I've finally convinced her not to call it that (as we might get some ugly looks in public from people who would assume she's contagious!).  But she is quite a mess.  This didn't stop her from wanting a full photo shoot, though:

See the boots in that third picture?  I was supposed to get them in, too.  She's quite fond of them.  I told her I wanted one picture for the blog, to show family her rash.  She was worried that you would all think she's an animal, since she has spots.  I assured her that no one would mistake her for a leopard.  Then she was all smiles.

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