Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A dozen a day...

I haven't posted any pictures of the kids for a while, so here they are with the raw eggs:

We've been getting about 5 or 6 eggs a day for a while now, with one day last week totaling 9, but today we got 12.  One dozen eggs in one day.  Since we have 17 hens, and all of them seem to be laying now, that number is bound to go up.  Wow.

To use up some of the egg surplus, I've made cookies today, as well as mayonnaise for the deviled eggs I'll be making shortly.  (The 16 boiled eggs are not pictured!)  Fortunately, Malachi really likes eggs, scrambled, fried, in a fritatta, deviled, or boiled, so he'll be helping eat quite a few.  The other two also like eggs, but they don't eat as many as Malachi!

Some of the hens are now laying large eggs, and the rest are laying small.  There are no more tiny eggs, which the kids do miss.  I am curious to see if any will lay extra large eggs like Leaf did, and if any will continue to lay small eggs like Crest, or if they'll all end up laying large size all the time.

Also, the hurt chicken has been doing really well.  Malachi picked her up yesterday, and he said that she is still hurt underneath but not as badly.  She's been as active as the rest of the hens, so I think she's going to be fine.  The kids are thrilled.

So, what are we going to do with a dozen eggs a day?  Nathaniel will probably sell some at work, and we'll be eating more than a few!

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