Thursday, August 15, 2013

School days

School started here this week.  I did get on facebook the other day and was reminded by all of the pictures of other people's kids' first days that I once again didn't bother to take a picture of my kids on the first day of school.  I usually forget that part.  But the first week of school is usually a bit hard for us, because my kids don't handle change really well, and to be honest, I don't either.  So I'm encouraging them and hoping and praying that they settle in ok.  Elijah is having a hard week.  Malachi seems to be doing ok, but I know the real test with him will be in about a month.  His teacher is leaving for 3 weeks starting Monday, so the real picture of how he'll adjust will be after she comes back.

Lydia doesn't start preschool until after Labor Day, and she is so enjoying being home alone with me.  She does start looking for the boys as soon as she's awake from nap, though, so I know she does miss them, too.  And she's looking forward to her school.  I'll be working a couple of days a week at her school this year.

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