Monday, December 16, 2013

Still Snowy

Most of the houses around here don't have snow anymore, but our yard is still covered.  Even our roof still has a little snow on it.  We live in a little valley and have tons of trees, so the snow just doesn't melt too fast here.  It doesn't look pretty anymore, though.

This was all of the chickens' (except for Crest) first time in snow.  They didn't like it.  Of course, it's been very cold as well, so they've mostly been hanging out in the coop.  They have slowly begun getting used to the snow, though, and now that their yard is only partly snow-covered, they are coming outside more.  They must be pretty content, though, because they are still laying 12 or 13 eggs a day.

I haven't been on here in a while because my biggest blog fan, my Papaw, died recently and I just hadn't felt much like writing.  I keep thinking of things he'd like to know, like how I've got lettuce sprouting in the playroom - even in this cold!  He loved "seeing" my garden, chickens, and of course kids, on the blog.

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