Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cold Days

Today was the second day of no school due to severe cold.  I can honestly not remember a time in my life when school was closed due to cold (not snow or ice).  So we've been hanging out inside.  I've been very busy cooking, since I like to and it warms up the house.  Today, I made pumpkin cinnamon crescent rolls, and they were divine!  I also made some Bulgarian navy bean soup, which we will be trying shortly.  We've been experimenting with lots of new recipes lately.

Our chickens are handling the cold pretty well.  I haven't let them out of the coop for the past two days, and they have the heat lamp on, so they are staying warm enough.  They still laid 10 eggs yesterday and 9 today, despite the high being about 14 today, and around 2 yesterday.  We have some sturdy chickens!

One last note, on the adoption.  I just had a chat with one of the adoption translators, and she suggested that I send an updated family picture.  The ones with the dossier are from the spring, so I sent the photo of the 5 of us in front of Mamaw's Christmas tree.  The lady also said she expects we will get a referral in less than a year, so that was exciting news for me!

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