Friday, January 3, 2014

Caring for my flock

I never really liked winter.  Sure, I enjoy those perfect snows, when we get big, puffy flakes that are perfect for snowballs while the temperature hovers around 30 degrees.  I love when the snow sticks to the trees just perfectly.  But I'm not fond of long, cold days, and in the past, I wouldn't spend much- if any- time outdoors when it's 18.

Now, I have chickens.

I have to care for my flock.  I actually don't mind getting up and outside in the cold every morning to feed, water, and just check on my chickens.  I worry about them.  I enjoy taking care of them.  I have to care for my flock, even in the snow and cold.

There's probably a theological lesson in that.

My chickens don't care for the cold, either.  They are not fond of snow, and only venture out quickly to eat the treats I bring them.  Then they cluster back inside their cozy coop.

I think I need to add more bedding, now that I look at this photo.  See, I'm always thinking about what they need.  True, the boys often put the chickens away at night, but I'm the one who greets them each morning.  And I usually check on them again every afternoon, even on days like today when it's very cold and I have no other reason to get outside.  Maybe having chickens has made me less selfish.  Not as much as having kids, of course, but still...

I'm awfully fond of my chicken ladies.

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