Friday, January 17, 2014

The Perfect Kind of Snow

There was just a dusting when we got up this morning, but the large, wet flakes kept coming down, and now we are in a winter wonderland again.  The boys probably made it to school just before the roads got bad.  Originally, Lydia and I had plans to go to the Y with friends, but the road was shut down due to wrecks, so I'm glad we didn't attempt it!  They are really good about keeping the roads clear here, so I'm sure it will be fine later, but for now I'm just thankful that Lydia and I don't have to get out for any reason.  This really is my favorite kind of snow, the kind that coats the trees and lies wet and soft everywhere.

In all this snow, I've been garden planning.  I ordered tons of seeds from the Seed Saver Exchange catalog yesterday.  I always get too many; I'm overambitious and want to grow more than I have space for.  But I do enjoy it.  I need to figure out some new places to put vegetables this year, so I can grow more.  I've also toyed with the idea of growing potatoes in a bucket, but I don't know if I'll actually do that this year or not.  I'm thinking of pulling out most of the lemon balm (since I don't actually do much of anything with it anyway) and putting some other, more useful herbs there.  The plum tree is planted in the middle of the lemon balm, and it actually looks pretty healthy.  It has grown since we planted it last spring, too, so I'm hopeful that it will keep getting bigger and stronger.

I just saw 2 foxes run across our front yard.  I've never actually seen foxes here before, and probably wouldn't have noticed them if they hadn't stood out against the white, white snow.

Sorry, back to gardening.  So, what did I order?  Cantaloupe (like 4 kinds), one honeydew (which I've never tried growing), beans (both fresh eating and shelling kinds), tomatillos, several kinds of tomatoes, peppers (including a Bulgarian sweet pepper that I'm anxious to try), cucumbers, carrots, broccoli, brussel sprouts, some herbs (including the Mexican herb epazote), radishes, and strawberry spinach.  I already saved seeds from my pumpkins and peas, and I have seed for lettuce, butternut squash, arrugula and sunflowers.  Oh, and I'm going to get zucchini seed from the library (we have a seed exchange) and maybe some more tomatoes.  Yeah, I'm ambitious.  (Did I mention that we only have 1 acre, and most of it is heavily shaded by trees?!)  I have no idea where I can put all these things, but I'm going to try my best!

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