Thursday, September 29, 2016

Finally Fall

It's finally feeling like fall around here.  It's been rainy this week, but the temperature has felt wonderful.  Gyunay was excited to wear a jacket to school this morning.

I realized that I haven't mentioned the meat birds lately.  It turns out that one of the meat birds isn't a meat bird.
Can you guess which one?  It was pretty obvious really early on.

I call them my Jabba birds, after Jabba the Hut.  The kids love that.  As for the non-meat bird, we hope it will be a hen and will eventually integrate in with the other flock.  We did lose 3 meat birds to a possum attack, but we fixed the problem.  So now we have 7 meat birds.  I think Nathaniel will harvest 2 this weekend and the rest next weekend.

And Gyunay saw me come inside with the camera, so here's a cutie shot:

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