Sunday, September 4, 2016

Chickens, Moles, and New Quarters

It was hard to get a picture of Lightning eating her mole.  She was quick to run away, and she was eager to eat it alone.

The other chickens were busy eating the watermelon rinds, but Lightning was quite happy in the corner.  When I realized what she had, I ran for my camera.  I've known that chickens can kill rodents and eat them, but I've never actually seen it.

The mole is on the ground to her left.  She did manage to devour it away from the other chickens.

The meat chickens are really enjoying their new quarters.  We made a new "first yard" and still have it closed off from the coop, so the hens and rooster can't get to the chicks.

These two are hard to photograph together.  They keep looking away!   

All of the kids had fun playing with the chicks in their new yard.  The chicks seem very happy to have space to roam around.  They spent 2 weeks in our garage pen, but they have definitely outgrown it.

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