Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August Harvest Totals and our Rooster

He's quite a handsome rooster.  

He does crow now, but not too loudly or obnoxiously.  That is a relief.  He's also not at all aggressive yet, which is a quality that allows him to live.  

And now, our August harvest totals:
Beans, calypso (a dried bean type): about 1 cup
Beans, golden crescent: 12 cups
Cabbages, purple: 2
Cantaloupe: 1
Carrots, assorted types: 6
Cucumbers, white: 68
Cucumbers, Russian pickling: 15
Eggs: 179
Kholrabi: 1
Pepper, Bulgarian: 1
Radish, white: 2
Tomatoes, Black Krim, Golden Jubilee, and Italian Heirloom: 19
Zucchini: 8

Also, too many cherry tomatoes to count (enough to eat fresh daily plus 2 pints of dried ones) and fresh herbs (basil, dill, parsley, oregano, rosemary, sage, thyme, mint, cilantro).  There were also 2 additional cantaloupes that an animal bit a large part of, and so the chickens were treated to those.

Overall, the garden is producing well, although obviously the tomato and pepper harvest is abysmal.  More are growing, though, so we're not anywhere near done yet.  Also soon to come are tomatillos, which look plentiful.  There's also pumpkins, and more beans and tons more cucumbers.  I think the zucchini may be done, and the kholrabi and radishes are, but I plan to plant some for a fall crop this weekend.  The cucumbers have been so plentiful this year that I canned relish (8 or 9 pints) and made 2 quarts of fermented dill pickles, plus for the last week I've been feeding the chickens about 4 cucumbers a day.  They love that.  And I'm still eating them fresh, and we've given some away.  I may make one more quart of dills (or maybe 2), but I don't need any more relish and the kids are getting really tired of being offered cucumbers.  I may make some bread and butter pickles, too.   

I really love these Mexican sunflowers.  

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