Tuesday, August 30, 2016

More Misc

Elijah ran his first official race on Saturday morning, and he did great!  I tried to get a picture as he ran past:
Around the house, we've been pretty busy.  On Sunday afternoon, the boys, Nathaniel, and I replaced the chicken yard fencing.  We still are going to re-do the smaller "first yard" on the other side of the coop next weekend.

The cherry tomatoes are delicious dried!

I have four trays stacked up in the dehydrator right now.  

Notice how much these chicks have grown.  I took this picture today.  The picture in the last post was from Thursday, so they've grown quite a bit in less than a week. 

This picture is just to show you how beautiful our front flower bed is right now.  I drug the old wheelbarrow up there in the spring, and Nathaniel and the kids picked out some flowers for it.  It looks so pretty.

Here are my morning glories wound around a pumpkin plant.  Both look pretty healthy.

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