Monday, August 22, 2016

Preschool and Tomatoes

This happy guy started preschool today.  He rode the bus and had a good day.  He is excited about school. 

While he was gone, I processed the approximately 70 lbs of tomatoes that we bought for $30 yesterday.  I canned 22 pints of salsa and 5 quarts of tomato juice.  I also cooked and pureed one of the four cushaws we bought yesterday as well.  (Cushaws taste like pumpkins, but they puree so smoothly!  They make the best pie.)  So I was busy the whole time he was gone.  I've got a lot of projects to get done while he's at school.

Oh, and we also bought 11 chicks.  Some people impulsively buy soft drinks at the store. We impluse buy chicks.  These are meat chickens, Cornish Cross chicks.  They are currently in our garage eating like crazy.  They are already a week old, so they will be ready to harvest in 6-7 weeks.  Really.  Malachi and Lydia aren't crazy about eating them all, but Elijah's been naming them Nugget, Stew, Dumpling, etc.  This is the first time we've raised meat birds, and I doubt it will be the last.  The kids are really fond of chickens, both as livestock and as food.

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