Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Bulgarian Peppers turned Tomatoes

I love Bulgarian peppers.  They are large, red, and sweet.  Two years ago, I bought a seed packet of them and fell in love.  So I saved some of the seed from those peppers, and last year, I planted it.  Those peppers turned out wonderfully; we had an even bigger harvest than the year before, so again, I saved seed from some of the peppers, and this year I planted it. In fact, I planted 15 Bulgarian pepper plants, but something very weird happened this year.  Out of those 15, a few died, 2 grew into Bulgarian pepper plants, and 10 grew into these:
Specifically, the yellow ones came from Bulgarian pepper seed.  The red ones are the cherry tomatoes I planted, just to show size.   I have never heard of peppers turning into tomatoes.  I do know that they are in the same family, but this is bizarre.  I've never saved tomato seed before, but I'm going to try and save some from these little yellow tomatoes and see what grows from them next year.  I'm also going to plant more Bulgarian peppers from the packet, to make sure I get peppers next year!

This is just a cutie shot from these two playing on the playground at Elijah's first cross country meet last week.  You can't see them here, but Lydia's wearing her cowgirl boots as well.  I think this outfit is pure Lydia (and yes, she was climbing, running, crawling, etc in it!).  

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