Thursday, August 18, 2016

Back to School

The bigger kids started back to school this week.  I now have 2 middle schoolers, 1 elementary schooler, and 1 preschooler.  Gyunay's school has not started yet, but we did get to go see his classroom and meet his teachers at open house:

I remembered to take first day of school pictures this year!

This one had a great first day of school.  She has some friends in her class, and has met some new girls as well.  And a bonus: the classroom she has to walk through to get to her class has 2 geckos, so she gets to look at them every day.  

So far, middle school is going well.

He loves the shaky eggs.  He's looking forward to starting preschool next week, and riding the bus for the first time.  I've talked with his teacher about his apraxia and related issues, and I think it's going to be a good year for him!  

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