Wednesday, August 10, 2016


We had a little getaway to my inlaws' house over the past weekend.  Nathaniel took a couple of days off (well, he wasn't at work, although he did do work some), so we had basically 4 days.  The kids loved swimming in the lake!

Malachi spent a great deal of time creating the snake armageddon in the driveway.  At first, the "useless civilians" were basically just dying left and right, but the army stepped in and created a force field that was keeping the hospital safe.  And the civilians started to fight back, mostly with medieval weapons, because that is an insult to the snakes.  The snakes have lots of fabulous weapons, like mind control, and their most dangerous kracken sea serpent allies.  But never fear, Mexico, China, Canada, and Russia joined the US forces, and the people have developed a weapon to combat the snakes via Acme research.  So now the people have an actual chance, although an area the size of one US state has already been lost.  Yes, Malachi has a vivid imagination.

This was the best we could do.  We have a hard time with family photos!

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