Sunday, September 25, 2016

Pumpkins & Superheroes

I've harvested 2 nice pumpkins from my garden, plus a third that the chickens got to eat.  (It slipped from the vine a bit underripe.)  The smaller one is prettier:

But I'm sure that both will be delicious!  

We were able to take a quick trip out of town yesterday for my nephew's birthday.  Can you guess the theme?

My kids were naturally very excited to dress up, although Elijah's Captain America costume is really too small for him now.  He's deciding what to choose for a replacement.  Everyone had a great time, but we were all worn out last night!  I thought for sure that the littler kids would sleep in a little, but of course Lydia was up at 6 (a half hour before she normally wakes).  Gyunay made it til 7, his usual time.  

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