Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chicks, Kangaroos, and Cow Milking

So far, we have 5 chicks.  I thought they should be done hatching, but one of the eggs had a hole in it, and I could see the chick moving inside, so I think more may hatch yet.  Of the 5 that are all out, 3 are yellow (one with a brown spot on its head, which is the kids' favorite), 1 is black, and 1 is brown.  They are delightfully tiny balls of fluff.  We are all very excited about them and hope to find that more have hatched overnight tonight.  

In other chicken news, one of the barred rock hens is limping.  I don't know what's wrong with her foot (it's not a visible wound), but I'm hoping she heals soon.  The barred rocks are my favorite type of hen, and we only have 2 left.

Today, we also visited kangaroos:

We even got to pet one.  They are incredibly soft!  

We also had the opportunity to milk a cow.  The boys opted not to try, but Lydia was eager, so we got in line.  She did produce a small squirt after I showed her how.  She's very proud, and said that the cow milking was her favorite part!

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