Monday, July 16, 2012

Garden Bounty and Legos

Well, we just got back this afternoon, and here is the haul from the garden.  It's not much, but I'm thrilled that it's getting ripe!
We did make a stop on the way home to the Lego store.  We had never been to one before, and the kids were really looking forward to it.  They had a great time and made some purchases with their own money.  (I also let them make their own figures.)

Also, I just wanted to show that my man can still cut a rug, even when Grandma's in a wheelchair:

And lastly, I have to mention that tomorrow's post will be about chicks.  I just put the chickens up and checked on Sol.  I was expecting the hatch to be tomorrow, but a couple of chicks had just hatched, and more are in process.  I actually saw two, and they were still wet, which means that they had hatched less than an hour ago.  One egg was out from under Sol, and I picked it up.  I could hear the chick inside, so I put it back down to keep on hatching!  The kids will be so excited in the morning when we go out to check on them!  I'm very curious to see how many will hatch, and what colors they will be.  (Of the two I saw, one was black and one was pale yellow.)

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  1. Glad the lego store was a hit! And yeah for baby chicks!! The kids will love that...we need pictures!