Monday, July 23, 2012

Sand Art

We have Bible School this week, and I am in crafts again.  Today we did a sand craft that the kids really loved.  Our theme this year is space, so we made planets and space scenes from sand.  It is really easy, and all you need is glue sticks, card stock, a pencil, lids to trace, and colored sand.  (I've heard you can make colored "sand" by using sidewalk chalk to color salt.  We had lots of colored sand at church, so I didn't try that out, though.) Just trace or draw shapes onto the cardstock.  Use a glue stick to fully color in one circle at a time, and then pour your sand onto the glue.  Dump off excess sand and repeat for as many shapes as you want.  Here are my 3 kids' projects:

All of the age groups loved this.  For the preschoolers, we traced circles onto the papers for them and let them do the glue and helped them pour the sand.  (Lydia's picture is in the middle above.)  The older kids had choices of various sized lids to make planets.  They also had the option of free hand drawing whatever design they wanted.  Elijah chose to free hand a space scene:

Malachi enjoyed making the planets by tracing the lids:

All of the kids really enjoyed this project.  We had ages 3 through 5th grade, plus my two middle school helpers were glad that we had enough for them to make one, too!  Luckily, we had lots of adult/youth help with the 3 and 4-year-olds, which is really necessary, but the older kids can manage this quite well independently if given instruction before they start gluing!

Also, the boys finished their lego trifle:

They had a challenge in their Lego magazine to build a food, and they chose a trifle on a blue plate.

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