Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pumpkins and etc

I ran into my friend Danielle today.  It was a nice surprise to see her and her kids at the free movie morning.  When she asked, "How's your garden?" she reminded me that I haven't posted any garden pictures of the pumpkins.  So I just ran around the garden with a camera!
This is a small sugar pumpkin, and it's already turning orange!

I'm not sure which pumpkin this is.  Some of the seeds were a mix.

I think this one will be white.  Some of the pumpkins I planted are Lumina, which are white.

This is our first cucumber.  Elijah can't wait for it to get a bit bigger!

A cantaloupe - the biggest.  It is a bit bigger than a softball.

We also have smaller cantaloupes.  One is almost the size of a baseball, but most are marble-sized right now.  I am just excited that they are growing.

Unfortunately, my Cinderella Pumpkin plants are not looking good.  I'm not sure why when the others seem to be thriving.

And here is the tomato/pepper garden:

I've only had a few tomatoes so far, and my peppers are just so close to ripe but not quite.   I do have lots of green tomatoes.  The plants are still growing and are not full size yet.  Today, though, I have 3 tomatoes ripe, the most I've had in any week so far, and I'm having a BLT for dinner tonight!

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