Monday, August 20, 2012


We went camping Friday night in our "new" pop-up!  Alas, I don't know what happened to my pictures.  I took lots of pictures, but they are all completely gone from my camera!!!  I'm disappointed; I had some really good ones of the kids setting up camp and hanging out in the pioneer village.  I loved the one where Malachi was watching the woodworker turn a spindle on the pole lathe.  I managed to capture the awe on his face.

But, since they are gone, I'll just have to use some words.  The weather was gorgeous, and evidently most people did not get the weather report in time, because the campground was not very populated.  I would say that it was less than half-full, maybe only a third full.  The kids enjoyed the playground, and the boys spent plenty of time on their scooters.  I was happy to cook over the fire.  We just had hotdogs Friday night, but I made scrambled eggs and sausage Saturday morning and tinfoil dinners for lunch.  (Of course, the kids didn't eat the tinfoil dinners; they had more hotdogs along with the broccoli I steamed.)

The pioneer village was the highlight of the trip.  The boys both said it was their favorite part, and you know that makes my heart glad!  We watched a woodworker, lace maker, and blacksmith.  The weaver wasn't weaving on her loom, but she did teach the boys how to make yarn dolls.  Elijah gave his to Lydia, and Malachi wants to wrap his up as a Christmas present for Annabelle, so they were both really happy.  (At this point, Lydia was done with the the history lesson, and Nathaniel had taken her to the playground.)  The boys loved watching the grist mill work, too, and we did buy some cornmeal.  I'll have to let them help me make corn bread this week with it.

We left Saturday in the later afternoon, because I had to work the nursery on Sunday.  The kids wanted to stay another night, so we hope to get back there or to another campground soon.  It may be difficult, though, with school, soccer, and the unpredictable weather.

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