Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chicks on their own

Tonight when I went to put the chickens up, Sol was up on the perch.  Now, most of the hens sleep on the perch, but while Sol is being mama hen, she sleeps on the floor with her chicks under her.  In fact, Crest was under her on the perch between her feet, and the 2 black chicks were next to her.  However, this development surely means that Sol is about to stop letting the chicks hang around with her, and she'll stop protecting/guiding them.  I'll have to watch them tomorrow and try to take some pictures.

In other chicken news, it appears that the all-black chick may, in fact, be a pullet.  When I mentioned to June, my farmer's market friend whose eggs we hatched, that I figured the black chick had to be a rooster due to the green tint to her black feathers, June said, "Is she an Astrolop?"  Now, I didn't know what an Astrolop chicken looks like, but June whipped out her hen pictures and showed me an all-black hen who had several green-tinted feathers.  They aren't all green, like our old rooster, but they definately have a green tint just like our black chick's feathers.  It would make more sense if she is a hen, since her feet are quite small and she has the smallest crest of all the chicks.  We'll have to keep an eye on her!

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