Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chick gender

I've been trying to figure out the gender of our chicks, and I have some guesses (which are by no means guarantees; I've been wrong before!).  Anyway, I think we have 2 pullets (hens) and 3 cockerels (roosters).
 In the picture, you can see that our previously brown chick has turned black and white speckled.  I think that one is a hen.  Here she is next to the solid black chick, which I'm confident is a rooster, because some of his feathers have a green tint.
 This picture has Elijah's favorite chick, Crest, at the top.  I'm fairly confident that Crest is a hen, because she has the daintiest feet of all.  I think the other two yellow chicks are roosters, mostly because of personality and the fact that they both started developing crests on their heads long before anyone else.
It is hard to figure out the genders of chicks that are a mixed lot like ours.  They are referred to as "barnyard specials", the chicken equivalent of a mutt.
And here is a picture of Fluffy:

Fluffy has been a consistent egg layer.  Her eggs are small, but she lays most days.  She's been trying to be buddies with the chicks, but Sol doesn't let her get too close most of the time.  My hope is that in another week or so, when Sol decides to stop mothering the chicks, that Fluffy will fit in with them. She could use some buddies.  The older hens don't accept Fluffy, really.  

In non-chicken news, Malachi lost a front tooth!
He pulled it out during school, which made him extra happy.  

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