Sunday, October 11, 2015

My Minions...

Plus a mummy and a green ninja.  We had fun at the church trick or treat fall fest today!  Gyunay was so excited to be dressed up like Lydia.  I'm so glad I finally convinced her that being a minion would be cute and fun.  Having two minions is always better than one!

At this point, Elijah's costume was already coming undone.  He did make a really cool mummy and got lots of compliments.

I didn't get a picture of Malachi before he took off his mask & etc.  I'll have to get one of him next time!

Also, this young man ran his best 4K ever yesterday.  He was very happy.  He also mentioned to me that he led the team prayer.  I didn't even know that the team prays before meets (we go to public schools, so this isn't a given).  He's becoming quite the young man.  Although, he did lose his new glasses, so we have to buy replacements already.  Life!

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