Friday, October 30, 2015

The blond Harry Potter and a Big Surprise

Elijah's new glasses look very good on him.  He says that kids say he looks like a "blond Harry Potter," but he doesn't seem too put-off by that.  I pointed out that he loves Harry Potter, as do most kids, so he should take it as a compliment.

He's really enjoying band.  Nathaniel went ahead and paid off the clarinet, so it's officially his now. 
Now, the surprise: 

You should all know us well enough by now to guess what Lydia's holding.  Nathaniel has been searching Craig's List ever since the neighbor's dog busted through the gate and killed two of our four hens (including the favorite, Brave).  He finally hit pay dirt:
10 chicks - 3 that are 5 weeks old, and 7 that are almost one week old.  They are used to being handled, too.  Even better, they were free.  The kids are over the moon.  They can't wait to show them off to my nieces and nephew this weekend.

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