Thursday, October 15, 2015


October is always a crazy busy month for us.  Cross country is in full swing, other school activities come into play, and we have the annual family reunion camping trip with Nathaniel's family.  Plus, we often try to get to my parents' cabin.  This October is no exception, and we are excited to be going camping and to the cabin this month.  Both will be brand-new experiences for Gyunay.  He has recently became brave and tries to run up the driveway (towards both the pond and the road), so we will have to keep on our toes at the campground!  It's really never dull around here...

This October has also come with some sicknesses, and yesterday Lydia chipped her front tooth:
Luckily, it's a small chip.  It's on the front tooth that is coming in.  The baby tooth that was there was gray due to an injury in preschool.  We were excited that the permanent one is looking white, and now it's a bit chipped.  It seems that she is supposed to have a slightly funky smile.  It will probably not be too noticeable in a few weeks, though, because the dentist plans to file it down a bit.

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