Monday, October 31, 2016

Cabins and Garlic

Nathaniel took off a few days, and we went to my parents' cabin for fall break.  We had a great time.

Lydia won the bravery award.  She stuck her little hand into a crawdad hole and pulled out this one.  
You can see that it has eggs, too.  Lydia had never held a crawdad before.  She won the award for catching the most things: crawdad, several toads, and a small box turtle.  Nathaniel was the only one who actually caught a fish, a nice bass.  

Now we're back home, where I was relieved to see that the chickens were safe and sound.  And the first batch of garlic I planted is sprouting:

I planted 24 cloves a couple of weeks ago, then Malachi helped me plant an additional 16 cloves just last week.  The first planting is sprouting, so I am quite happy.  Forty garlic plants should be ready for harvest next July.

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