Friday, October 7, 2016

Chickens and Eggs

The 9 young hens have been laying fabulously.  We get 7 to 8 eggs every day.  Here is the take from today and yesterday:
The big boys put up the chickens last night while I was at RCIA, but they obviously didn't collect the eggs, so it is 2 days' worth in the favored nesting box.  We do have 2 more boxes, but they are almost never used.  Chickens prefer to lay all in the same box.  I've even seen 2 hens both in this box at the same time -while the box right next to it is empty.  Actually, this happens quite a bit.

Gyunay wanted to carry an egg in his shirt like Mama:

The chickens enjoyed the yard for an hour today.  They have to stay in their safer yard most of the time, but they do enjoy getting out.

 Gotta check and make sure the egg is all right!

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