Thursday, May 9, 2013

Around the yard

The first Iris is blooming.  You can see it framed by the gorgeous azalea bush here:

 And, of course, there are chickens:

Here is Lydia with "Fat".  Yes, she named a chick Fat.  It is a darker, plumper pullet, or at least one of three darker, plumper pullets.  It really does seem to like her.  It doesn't run from her, although it could, and she picks it up all the time.  She tells everyone that her favorite chick is Fat, and I've given up trying to get her to change the name.

Here is another chick contemplating the dinner options in the yard.   In case you're curious, chickens eat grass and several plants, but they LOVE dandelion leaves and clover.  They are also fond of seeds, worms, bugs, and dinner scraps.  They love shredded cheese, although I don't think it's something you're necessarily supposed to feed them.  Individual hens have certain tastes, too.  Leaf and Crest won't touch strawberries, even if it's the only scraps I have, but the chicks eat them.  They love grapes, especially Leaf, who will pass up anything to eat grapes.  Leaf will eat the crusts of Lydia's leftover peanut butter sandwiches, but Crest usually won't.  And although Crest gets into the rest of the yard quite often, I don't worry about her eating the tomato plants; since we've had chickens, I've never had one eat the actual tomato plant, even at the end of the season when I've let them range over the remains of the garden.  Broccoli seedlings, on the other hand, they will eat, so I try to make sure she doesn't make it up to the small garden.

One last happy note: Leaf laid an egg this morning!  So she must be done with the molting.  I'm looking forward to having more eggs.

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