Friday, May 3, 2013

Lydia behind the camera!

Lydia got a new friend yesterday.  She paid for her with her own money, and she's so excited to have her here that she asked for my camera to take her picture:

Then she turned the lens onto the real birds:

She took pictures all over the yard.  This is actually my favorite:

I just think it looks cool.  I did get the camera back from her to document a couple of chickens myself.  Here she's caught a chick again:

And here is Leaf, growing new feathers and looking much healthier:

And afterwards, a basketball game with Daddy.  The boys are starting to really enjoy shooting baskets, which thrills Nathaniel to no end.  They play horse/pig.

Malachi usually sticks to granny shots (and can win at horse that way) but I've been encouraging him to try it the "right" way.  He can do that, too.  I figure he could use a little arm strength, so this is good.

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