Sunday, May 19, 2013

The closet

Here is our bedroom closet before:

This is after I emptied it but before I removed the shelves.  I then painted it, and Nathaniel removed the carpet.  We put in wood floors, and now:

Ok, I started putting stuff back before I took the picture, but you get the idea.  I've not seen a prettier closet.    I still have to finish painting (I ran out of paint and still have to paint the wall you can't see in the picture), but otherwise, it's done.  And we finished the floors in our room, too, but no pictures yet.  We haven't got the tools put up or the furniture moved into place.  Maybe tomorrow, but more likely in a couple of days, since there's a school thing tomorrow night.  

Here is one of the pictures I snapped of the kids to put with our adoption dossier:

Yes, there are some cheesy grins, but that's about as good as it gets most days.  And more good news: yesterday we got our fingerprinting papers!  We go get the biometrics done for the US government on June 3.  That puts us one step closer to U.S. approval.  And I did get my correct birth certificates, so that's good news.  We are still waiting on a few things, and we have to get some papers notarized, but mostly we're just in waiting mode right now.

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