Saturday, May 4, 2013


I've been very busy with the garden the last few days.  Today it was rainy, so I didn't plant, but as of yesterday, I had finished planting the smaller garden and had two rows nearly complete on the large garden.  What is in them?  Well, the small garden has:

18 brussel sprouts
12 broccoli plants
8 cherry tomato plants
6 Kellogg's Breakfast tomato plants
4 mystery hybrid tomato plants
plus one volunteer parsley plant

The big garden has 16 Better Boy tomato plants and 13 Kellogg's Breakfast tomato plants (so far).  I still have some more Kellogg's to add, and some Brandywine tomatoes and Ildi yellow grape tomatoes.  Plus, I have seeds to plant, and I plan on buying a few pepper plants at the farmer's market when it opens in a couple of weeks.  So the big garden has a long way to go yet, and the plants that are in it are very small:

This is one of the tiny Better Boy plants.  Lydia snapped this picture yesterday.  The other tomato plants in the garden are about twice this size.

Some of my herbs that overwinter outside are perking up nicely, too.  I've got tons of lemon balm and oregano.  The sage plant looks great, the chives are healthy, and the mint is starting to really grow.  I have some basil planted in the play room, but it's still too cool to put any of that outside.  Basil likes heat!  I did accidentally kill the thyme (I moved the container and forgot to water it), but I bought a pack of seeds to regrow some.  And frankly, the thyme dried right on the plant, so I'm going to save and use it.

I'm hoping to have a very productive yard this year.  I think we're off to a great start!

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