Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Culling and etc

We've never had so many chickens at once before (31!), so we decided to cull half of the cockerels a bit early.  They are starting to try to crow and harrass the pullets.  Yesterday Nathaniel killed 5 of the 11 cockerels, so now I have lots of chicken in the freezer and chicken and dumplings simmering on the stove.  The kids are beyond excited about eating chicken and dumplings, especially Malachi.  We plan on waiting at least a few weeks before butchering the rest of the roosters, but we'll just wait and see how it goes.

In the garden, I'm getting about 1 or 2 cucumbers a day, and we've had a few small zucchini.  The tomato plants do have some green ones, but since the deer ate the only half-orange one a week or so ago, we've had none show signs of turning for me.  I'm impatient, of course.  I dearly love fresh tomatoes.  They are even hard to find at the farmer's market this year, because apparently everyone is having troubles with blight.

And the best bit of news I've saved for last.  We got our USCIS approval!!!  I'm so excited.  We are getting that and a few other things notarized this week, and then we have to certify the notary.  I hope to drive to Frankfort early next week to have the whole dossier apostilled.

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