Sunday, July 14, 2013

Millions of Peaches...

We went on our annual peach picking trip to the farm yesterday.  Elijah asked if we could compete to see who picked the most, like we do with berries, but I had to say no.  We can pick too many peaches, too fast.  As it stood, we picked 2 boxes of peaches and one of white nectaries.  Elijah picked one whole box of peaches himself.

While in the orchard, all of us end up singing that old Presidents of the United States of America song, "Peaches".  You remember, "Millions of Peaches, peaches for me/ millions of peaches, peaches for free".  Fun stuff.

Also while we were there, Lydia finally got to ride a pony.  She's been asking me to ride a horse for about a year, and so we finally got her on a pony.  She was a bit terrified (I could see it in her face when they put her on him) but she then smiled for the camera and held on for dear life while they walked twice around.  She was so excited.  I'm proud of her.  She wanted to do it so bad and was able to do so despite her fears.

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