Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sap and Capes

First of all, I know I owe you a sap update.  Last Friday, I had intended to boil sap, but that plan changed quickly when I realized that the sap was frozen solid in the 5-gallon buckets!  It's still frozen, but it should be unthawing tomorrow and Friday, so we hope to boil this weekend.  The round of ice and snow we got last weekend is starting to melt, although it is certainly not gone.  In good news, though, the sap started running again today, and the gallon jugs are mostly unfrozen.  I collected sap today, and we have more than 10 gallons total at this point.  I'd guess 11.  And tomorrow and Friday look like great days for sap collection, so by this weekend we should have plenty of sap to boil.  Right now we have enough to make about 1/4 gallon of syrup.

In other news, we had a great but super-quick visit last Saturday.  The girls all enjoyed their hooded capes:

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