Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Chickens in the Tilled Garden

Yesterday, Nathaniel tilled the big garden.  Nearly as soon as he turned off the noisy tiller, the chickens were exploring the fresh dirt!

I let them have their fun, since they are no longer going to be allowed in that space!  Elijah and I have already planted some cucumber seeds and a few Better boy tomato plants.  I still have lots to plant, but I'm taking a break.  Malachi has a friend over.  

I also failed to mention that we got two rain barrels:

And they really do work.  You can attach a hose to that bottom spigot, and we'll be able to water the garden with rainwater.  The first rain we had filled this one right up.

Lastly, I never put on the picture of Malachi bridging over to Weebelos last week.  He was excited.  

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