Monday, May 5, 2014

Transplanting and trees

I worked in the garden a lot this weekend. Now, my gardening methods aren't the prettiest, but since I'm a rather lazy weeder and the crab grass just won't stop trying, I use newspaper to mulch out my plants.  I transplanted some of my tomatoes (Mortgage lifter and Black Krim) and my most of the Bulgarian peppers into the garden.  I decided to get organized and assigned each type of tomato and each type of pepper a ribbon color.  I tied the ribbon to the tomato cage, and now I'll be able to remember what types of tomatoes are where.  I usually know most of them, but some were always a guess, as the popsickle stick labels always seemed to wash away or get broken.  So this year, I'm trying a new method.  Oh, and the rocks I use to hold down the paper - those are actually all over the small garden.  I think when the previous owners added the sunroom, they just left a pile of rocks there that make digging in my garden a challenge.

The radishes look great.

Now that the trees have leaves, Nathaniel and I have been scouting out how many maple trees we really have.  This year we only tapped 5 trees, but next winter we will tap more than twice that many!  And it turns out that the biggest tree in the back yard is a maple - the biggest maple we have, and one I hope will provide lots of sap.  

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