Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It's a good thing...

Thank God our company wasn't here today.  Not because we didn't enjoy having them, but because they would have had an unpleasant wake-up call this morning.

I got up, as usual, at 6 am and woke the boys.  I heard water running in the kitchen and assumed that Nathaniel was still home, but when I got in there, it was obvious something was wrong.   Hot water was pouring out of the cabinet and onto the floor.  I shut off the water and quickly discovered the problem.  A mouse had gotten one leg stuck in the trap and had dragged it to the corner of the cabinet and chewed through the hose to the dishwasher.  It was not fun to clean up the mouse-poopy water, or to dispose of the mouse, but it wasn't until afternoon that I discovered the full damage.

Malachi and Lydia went downstairs to play, and Malachi was complaining that his stuffed octopus was wet.  I soon discovered that water had poured through the air conditioner vent ONTO the guest bed, soaking the mattress and the rug underneath.  (And the octopus, naturally, which was Malachi's main concern.)  So I am obviously grateful that no one was asleep in the bed at the time!

And here are some cutie shots from the weekend:

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