Wednesday, June 25, 2014

First Tomato!

Today, Elijah and Lydia picked the first red tomato, which Lydia and I promptly ate.  So there is no picture.  But it was a Rutgers from a plant I bought from June.  The plants I planted from seed are still too small for ripe tomatoes, but I do have blooms on some and tiny green tomatoes on others.  Some are still really small, or deer-eaten, with no blooms.  Sigh.  But I will eventually enjoy more tomatoes.
The Sultan's Crescent beans are blooming, so hopefully we will get some beans soon.  My peas didn't do so well; I only have 3 or 4 plants, but there are some blooms there, too.  So maybe we'll get a handful of peas.  On a bright note, the cantaloupes and honeydews look great and are blooming.

Nathaniel worked really hard on the chicken coop Saturday, and we have had no more attacks since his new doors and latches were in place.  We only have 7 hens now, 3 reds and 4 barred rocks.  We do still have the rooster, but we're going to eat him soon.  He's a bit hard on the hens with so few of them, plus he's getting aggressive towards us.  And none of the hens has shown any sign of going broody, so he's pretty well unnecessary.  Next spring we will probably get new chicks.  (The kids are lobbying for some right now, but I plan to wait.)


  1. Papaw would be proud of you! Hope this means you will have a great crop

  2. I always think of Papaw when I get my first tomato.