Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Raccoon, again

We've got another raccoon issue.  Yesterday, we discovered that one had killed Crest and a red.  I found the spot where it had gotten into the small yard: it actually yanked a board off and climbed through the bottom of the fence, then into the coop.  I fixed the fence hole and closed off the small yard entirely, but this morning I found 2 more dead chickens, including Super Chick.  So now we have to look at making the coop more secure and catching a raccoon.  Tonight.

We are down to 9 hens now, and the rooster.  It would have been nice if the raccoon had just killed the rooster, but Nooo, it had to kill our 2 favorite hens, Crest and Super Chick.  We still have 4 reds and 5 barred rocks.  I really didn't want to have to deal with raccoons again...

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  1. So sorry, Hope you catch him tonight. Sounds like the coop may need an overhaul. Hugs to everyone.