Monday, June 16, 2014


I haven't mentioned the adoption in a while, but I do get asked about it quite a bit so I thought I'd give a quick update.  We are still waiting on a referral.  Our dossier was logged into the country in September, and we hope to get a referral this year.  When we do get a referral, we will travel quickly.  They will give us travel dates, and those dates will probably be about a month after we get our referral.

I often get asked what a referral is.  Basically, it is a picture of a child and a brief health report.  After we get an official referral, our in-country staff will try to get more pictures, information, and videos if possible.  Then we have more paperwork to do (of course).  When we travel, we will meet with the child for about 5 days, and then we have more papers to sign.  Then we come home and wait for the day we can go back and get our child, which will likely be about 5 months later.  That's the part where we will be very stressed!  So although right now it's hard not knowing the when or who our child is, it will be so much harder once we have met our son or daughter and have to wait to get back to him/her.

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