Monday, June 23, 2014

Owl Dress

I've been doing some sewing for the kids lately.  I had made Elijah two shirts, and then Malachi a new one.  I finally got around to making Lydia's owl dress.  I first got the fabric for this about 2 years ago, and I made a cute outfit for my niece out of some, but I always planned on making Lydia something out of it, too.  Well, I just used a scientific seamstress pattern to make this super-cute dress:
Malachi is wearing the newest shirt I made him.  You'll recognize the wavy striped fabric from another shirt he has.  Elijah did have on the frog shirt I made him, but after church he changed for our trip to the Renaissance Festival.  He didn't want to get his nice shirt muddy at the festival.

Lydia enjoyed a bubble "hat" at one of the shows.

Malachi and his friend got to play a penny whistle.

Lydia enjoyed her new fairy wings.  She got a lot of attention because of her new dress, and although she acted shy, she really ate that up.

Side note, it took me so long to make Lydia something with this fabric that she now has this dress AND the little shorts and top that I originally made for my niece!

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